Premdor holds a long heritage of demonstrated commitment to fire door safety as part of the Masonite Group. Our ‘Dedication to Safety’ award recognises commitment to safety testing and innovation. Backed up with stability, scalability, and expertise for each of our customers.

Premdor’s range of complete doorset solutions have been designed to make it as easy as possible to source safe and secure doors that perform as expected ensuring the high levels of fire safety and security.

With Premdor’s complete doorset solutions, you’re all set.

Door Slab and Components or a Complete Doorset Solution

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SpeedSet Interior Doorsets

The SpeedSet Interior Doorset is designed for fast installation, allowing each doorset to be installed in under 30 minutes.*

The doorset lining is adjustable, allowing easy modification to address variations in wall thickness you may encounter on site, ensuring a precise fit and efficient installation.

*under a controlled environment the doorset was installed in just over 20 minutes

Communal Doorsets

The Solid Rebated Communal Doorset is a timber framed internal doorset associated with the internal communal areas of busy buildings.

Available as an FD30 or FD60 rating. Both fire doorsets come with intumescent and smoke seals pre-installed within the frame. A non fire door option is also available.

SoundSecure Entrance Doorsets

The SoundSecure Apartment Entrance Doorset offers outstanding fire, security, smoke leakage and sound reduction properties, making it ideal for the complex performance demands of apartment entrances.

Supplied as either FD30 or FD60 rated fire doorsets, the SoundSecure Doorset is independently certified and tested within the Certifire and Certisecure third party certification schemes, as well as being Secured by Design accredited.

Integral Garage Doorsets

Doors within integral garages are classed as an entry-point into a property so need to be as secure as any exterior door.

The Integral Garage Doorset provides a practical solution for entrances to the home from the garage providing performance for both fire safety and security.