We know that when it comes to finding the right door for a building, there’s lots of things to consider. What fire and security performance does it need to achieve? Does it comply with accessibility requirements? How many people will be using that door each day and how familiar with the building will they be?

All of the above means your day can be full of decisions and problems, unpredictable sites, tight budgets and deadlines. That’s why our complete doorset solutions are designed to simplify the specification and installation of doorsets, even on a complex project.

With Premdor’s complete doorset solutions, you’re all set.

Complete doorset solutions that do more

Choose a doorset, pick your design and you’re all set….

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Meeting the diverse needs of multi-occupancy buildings

Premdor manufactures a diverse range of both interior and entrance doorsets that address the needs of residents in apartment blocks, care homes, student accommodation and other multi-occupancy buildings.

From security and safety to accessibility, we have a complete doorset solution that is able to meet the performance requirements of many different projects.


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Supplying doorsets, ready to go

As a doorset manufacturer, we provide the key components as a complete system ready to be installed on site: the door slab, frame and selected door hardware and accessories.

For our FD30 and FD60 doorsets, the operational hardware that is critical to a fire door’s performance, for example, hinges, door closers and locks, are also provided, along with intumescent and smoke seals.

Depending on the doorset and design, doors will be supplied pre-hung and pre-prepared for any remaining ironmongery to simply be fitted, minimising the need for additional cutting and carpentry work on site.  

Putting safety and security at the core of what we do

Whether you’re a housebuilder, local authority, contractor or installer, you all want the same outcome: safe and secure doors that perform as expected.

We only produce complete fire doorset solutions that are third party certificated to offer layers of assurance to our stakeholders. We undertake fire tests on product samples that are manufactured under witness and verification of an independent third-party.

Using independent third-party certification also provides a publicly available digital register of all certificates and data sheets. This will be essential for anyone who may need to access such information to verify the specification at any time during the lifetime of the doorset.

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Fast, efficient installations

Premdor’s complete doorset solutions are designed to make the installation process as efficient as possible. Doorsets are supplied to site with the door pre-hung in the frame to allow our SpeedSet doorset range to be installed in under 30 minutes*

Opting for this complete doorset solution, enables easy, repeatable complete installations, which means that more doors can be installed in a day, whilst also helping to keep projects on track and reach the handover stage much faster.

*under a controlled environment the doorset was installed in just over 20 minutes