Doors within integral garages are classed as an entry-point into a property so need to be as secure as any exterior door.

The Integral Garage Doorset provides a practical solution for entrances to the home from the garage providing performance for both fire safety and security.

As a PAS 24 tested and certified by Certisecure product, this doorset complies with security standards specified in Part Q, helping to reassure homeowners that their door can resist physical attack by a burglar.


  • Complies with security standards specified in Approved Document Q (security in dwellings)
  • High-security hardware designed to resist forced entry
  • Constructed from robust materials that make it difficult to break or breach


  • PAS24 tested and certified by Certisecure
  • Higher security multipoint lock
  • Tested to ensure it can resist methods of attack associated with forced entry


  • Can be supplied in a variety of FD30 (44mm) fire door options.  
  • FD30 doors are factory hung in an engineered softwood door frame. 
  • Acoustic/smoke/draught seal and intumescent seals incorporated at the frame head and jambs. 


  • Arrives pre-hung on three compatible grade 13 stainless steel security hinges 
  • Multipoint locking system complete with chrome level handles (silver available as an optional extra) 
  •  Locks fitted with an escape (thumb turn) cylinder 
  • Supplied with a 3 star cylinder 
  • Hardwood threshold available as an optional extra 


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